Public Talks

Here you can find a selection of our publicly accessible presentations. For further information, please visit the "Contact us" page.

Project 8: Current Status and Future Directions

Juliana Stachurska. NuMass 2024.

The Project 8 Neutrino Mass Experiment

Arina B. Telles. Lake Louise Winter Institute 2023.

Project 8: A Neutrino Mass Experiment using Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy

Luiz de Vivieros. Invited talk from APS Mid-Atlantic Section Fall Meeting 2021.

Machine Learning Techniques in Event Reconstruction and Classification for CRES Signals in Project 8

Luis Saldaña. Neutrino Physics and Machine Learning, satellite workshop of Neutrino 2020.

The Project 8 Neutrino Mass experiment

Noah S. Oblath. Plenary talk from Neutrino 2020.

Future Tritium Experiments: Prospects for Going Beyond 0.2 eV

Brent A. VanDevender. SNOWMASS Neutrino Properties Workshop. July 2020

Project 8: New Techniques for Tritium Endpoint Experiments and Beyond

Brent A. VanDevender. Talk at University of Washington, Institute for Nuclear Theory. January 2020