P8 is a team effort! Our collaboration spans across multiple institutions and countries. Our active collaborators are listed below in alphabetical order. Italics indicate current students. Photos from our collaboration meeting are shown on the right and below.

Case Western Reserve University

Harvard-Smithsonian Center

Indiana University

Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Massachussets Institute of Technology

  • Dr. Nicholas Buzinsky

  • Prof. Joseph A. Formaggio (experiment spokesperson; PI)

  • Mingyu Li

  • Junior I. Pena

  • Dr. Juliana Stachurska

  • Dr. Wouter Van de Pontseele

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pennsylvania State University, State College

University of Washington

  • Dr. Ali Ashtari Esfahani

  • Dr. Christine Claessens

  • Prof. Peter J. Doe

  • Prof. Sanshiro Enomoto

  • Dr. Elise Novitski

  • Prof. R. G. Hamish Robertson (PI)

  • Prof. Gray Rybka

Yale University

  • Prof. Karsten M. Heeger (PI)

  • Dr. James A. Nikkel

  • Dr. Luis Saldaña

  • Dr. Penny L. Slocum

  • Dr. Pranava Teja Surukuchi

  • Arina B. Telles

  • James Wilhelmi

  • Talia E. Weiss

Zoom world. May 2020

University of Washington. Nov 2019

Yale University. April 2019

Case Western University. Nov 2018

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. March 2018

Older collaboration meeting photos: